Rhaine was born the 5th daughter of House Teken’duis, 9th house of the Underdark city of Luihaulen’tar. Growing up, she was never one to just accept succeeding. She had to excel. However, she was also not one to accept what someone else expected to be her place in life… even if that someone was a matron mother.

As are most drow females, her mother and sisters tried to push her down the path of darkness as a priestess of Lolth. She would have nothing to do with it. Her talents didn’t lie in the clerical arts, but rather in the shadows and the blade. This fueled more than one rather bloody conflict with one of her older sisters, a chaotic clash which her mother, truly a chosen of the Spider Queen, watched with more than a little amusement.

One day, after a particularly vicious beating at the snake-headed whip of SiNafay, her second oldest and most ruthless sister, Rhaine decided that it was time to change her destiny. As SiNafay was away from the family compound, enjoying the pleasures of one of the massage houses in the city, Rhaine crept through the shadows and sat waiting for her “beloved” sister. As she walked through the streets, secure in her wards and skills, she never saw the blade that pierced her defenses and severed her spine. As the recognition dawn in her sibling’s eyes, Rhaine knelt staring down upon her. As the light faded from her eyes, the last words she heard were “Lil waela lueth waela ragar brorna – lueth wund nind, kyorlin elghinn <the>”.

That night, House Teken’duis lost not one, but two daughters. Rhaine took several valuable belongings of SiNafay’s and planted them on a guard of a rival house. Without delay, she stole out of the city, never to look back.


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