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Shadow of Asmodeus Campaign Information

The Game

Campaign Setting: Generic D&D
Main Idea: ‘The PCs’ actions shape the world.’
Game Style: Mostly sandbox play with some core plot elements
Game Frequency: Twice monthly
Game Location: Bedford, TX
Why Our Game Rocks: Team spirit, no drama, experienced players and DM

The Group



The Party

Destiny, Female Tiefling Paladin (played by Janna)
Rhaine, Female Drow Rogue (played by Aaron)
Ender, Male Halfling Ranger (played by Devon)
Kallista, Female Tiefling Rogue (played by Bridget)
Whillessa, Female Eladrin Wizard (played by Clara)
Drakosh, Male Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut (played by Eric)
Aramis, Male Eladrin Swordmage (played by Eric) (R.I.P)

Adventure Summary

The party is based in Riverwind, a historically significant town where the armies of Asmodeus and Orcus once fought a bloody battle. Destiny, Rhaine, and Aramis were the first to arrive. Ender, Kallista, and Whillessa came later, after escaping from a life of slavery in the Underdark.

The Baron

The Slave Revolt

The Dopplegangers

The Temple of Asmodeus

The Necromancer’s Crypt

Girls, Interrupted

The Kobold Army

Flight to Stormhold

Meeting Father

Tock’s Legendary Weapons

Journey to the Feywild

Descent to the Shadowfell

Entering Sigil

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